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It’s been a week since I’ve logged into World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, we are having internet provider issues and it may not be resolved for a while. It’s been a challenge to log onto WoW due to horrendous latency.

Soff the Dwarf Mage last left off in Duskwood at level 29. It was torture to see everyone’s excitement over the demon invasions while I sulked about the lag. I enjoyed my time in Duskwood even while becoming sidetracked catching battle pets. Alright, maybe my Pokemon Go addiction has followed me into WoW! The ambient sounds and music in Duskwood are perfectly spooky. I was a little jumpy in the ghoul-infested Ravenhill Cemetary near Forlorn Rowe while hunting down Mor’Ladim. (I’m so sorry about your father Sarah Ladimore!)

Soff officially joined a guild! It took a couple of invites to realize these weren’t just random ninja guild invites. I forgot about the description I typed into the Guild Finder! I mentioned to Nordicmonkey I really liked this new feature. It’s the bees knees for us, guildless players! He laughed and informed me it has been in the game for a while now. I guess I really am starting from scratch! It’s a nice feeling when the game you’ve loved is new to you again.

Joining a guild is a step to being able to enjoy the game more. Having a guild is necessary for finding other players to enjoy the game with. I relished the small goal despite my anxieties. A guild may not be necessary for other players for different reasons, but for my personal game goals, it is a must.

The guild Soff joined seems like a group of laid back individuals ready for fun and the desire to see end content. Perfect group for enjoying my time in the game with. I have not yet had the fortune of socializing in the guild chat. Trying to figure out what to say and hoping for engagement seems daunting. I’ve said hello a couple of times with a few replies. Hey, it’s a start!


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In the middle of writing this, I logged on to test my latency. It wasn’t horrible compared to a week ago but it still stutters during more graphic heavy moments. I finished a cooking daily and accepted a fishing daily. On my way to catch fish for “Cold Water Fishing”, I ran into a storm and demons everywhere in front of Ironforge. What is this madness?!

It looked fun, but I had some fishing to do. I continued on towards Helm’s Bed Lake and in my way a huge blackened and glowing green stone stood. So, I dismounted and engaged.

These demons stood in my way to the fishing hole while rams and dwarves were strewn about on the snow covered ground injured. I assisted another Alliance player with the demon inside the stone. After casting frostbolts at the enemy, the large stone sunk into the ground and disappeared.

I helped with the injured dwarves at the nearest camp then headed down the hill to help with more demons. We defeated the enemies and no trace of a battle was even left behind. It was sweet victory and with it, a couple of blues and some experience points to show for my efforts.

This event has me even more excited for the release of Legion. I went fishing and finished my quests in Duskwood. Soff is now level 32.