*Spoiler alert! Do not read further if you are avoiding spoilers.*


The Little Prince was released to Netflix on August 5thThe Little Prince will touch your heart with a story about forgetting and remembering. So grab the Kleenex box because you are going to need it!   

The story begins with a little girl (Mackenzie Foy) and her mother (Rachel McAdams) living in a world where schedules, the future, and where one goes to school are a great deal of importance. In order for the little girl to be accepted into Werth Academy, a prestigious prep school, the little girl and the mother track down a house they can afford in a neighborhood where they will be accepted. Unfortunately, the house is next door to a run-down looking home overgrown with ivy.  

While the mother is at work, a propellor from next door flies through the side of the house and leaves a large hole. It’s not every day a propeller flies through the side of a house! The little girl soon finds out there is an odd old man (Jeff Bridges) living next door attempting to build a plane. The old man is lonely and attempts to apologize and befriend the little girl and her mother, but they decide to ignore him.  

Eventually, the little girl becomes interested in a story the old man shares with her when she comes across some small treasures in a jar of coins and realizes these treasures are connected with the story. The story is about the little prince (Riley Osborne) and she wants to know more from the aviator building his airplane in the backyard. Is this a real story written by the aviator? And where is the little prince right now?      

The film builds the relationship between the little girl and the aviator while they discuss the story of the little prince from the aviator’s perspective. Watching the friendship grow between these two is touching as it becomes essential to the story and they become essential to each other’s character development.                                    

Jeff Bridges is remarkable as the aviator in this animation. He exemplifies the aviator’s characteristics and mannerisms through voice so well it successfully immerses the audience in the world of The Little Prince for the duration of this beautiful animation. This genuinely forms the audience’s emotional attachment to the little prince’s story told by the aviator and the relationship between the aviator and the little girl. I did say you would need a box of Kleenexes, didn’t I?  

The animation is well done and gorgeous, especially while the aviator narrates his story. The film is stop-animated and computer animated. The characters, while the story of the little prince is being narrated, seem to be made of cloth of various textures and vibrant colors. The fox is my personal favorite aesthetically with his wispy orange-red ribbon of a tale whipping around with each movement. The fox is tamed by the little prince and they become friends until the little prince must leave to be with his rose.

The Little Prince is filled with lessons about growing up, saying goodbye, and life in an endearing and approachable manner without being gaudy or superficial. The story is touching and unforgettable. When the aviator mentions saying goodbye to the little girl, your own heart will drop along with the little girl’s heart. She does not want or understand why she would ever have to say goodbye to the aviator until he is rushed to the hospital.

The little girl realizes she must go on a journey to find the little prince for the aviator. During this adventure the little girl discovers her friendship with the aviator is essential and as long as she can see with her heart what is essential, the aviator will always be with her.

The Little Prince is a breathtaking animation with an emotionally endearing story. It is unforgettable and will tame your heart with tenderness. 

Watch The Little Prince on Netflix! It is an amazing animated movie well worth your viewing!