It’s another Monday. Let’s forget about a dreary wait until the weekend with Geeky Talk’s Weekly Hype. It’s another week of excitement in geekdom! HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!!


Pete's Dragon                                                                                                                                                                    Disney releases Pete’s Dragon on Friday, August 12. This film is a remake about a boy’s Dragon named Elliot based off of the 1977 film. The nostalgia of the old film has admittedly piqued my interest in this remake of Pete’s Dragon. The trailer looks pretty but will it live up to expectations? We’ll find out this Friday. Look for a review next week on Geeky Talk!


No Man's Sky

Is Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky finally releasing this week!? The hype is strong with this one. When is it releasing again? The 9th? 12th? Well, it was pushed back to August 12th, Friday, and the game has been fraught with shenanigans as the launch draws near. The geeks can hardly stand the anticipation!


JimhensonlabJim Henson’s 30th Labyrinth Anniversary Special #1 releases on Wednesday, August 10th with 40 pages of content! If you are a Labyrinth fan or a Henson fan, this is a must have! Check it out when it releases on Wednesday.


Auriel  Brawl with the Blues is Wednesday, August 10th, at 11AM PDT live on the Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel. Check it out while they discuss upcoming changes to the game and explore their new support hero, Auriel. This hero looks like an exciting support addition to the nexus!



World of Warcraft is releasing their new class for Legion, the Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter releases on Tuesday, August 9th. Get hyped and check out a new addition to the game. Legion is just around the corner!

This week has some yummy geek approaching! So don’t let Monday get you down! The hype is real! HYPE HYPE HYPE!  

What are you looking forward to this week? What are you hyped about that we missed?