I crocheted a cute Totoro for my niece’s birthday! She has never seen My Neighbor Totoro. Every child should know the magic of Totoro! This crochet cutie will be a companion gift along with the Studio Ghibli movie. This is such a cool present. I wish it was for me!

Totoro Crochet


You can make this kawaii neighbor too! I used this free pattern on Ravelry by Lucy Collin. It is a relatively easy pattern to follow, though I did do some things differently.

I used Red Heart Supersaver Yarn for the whole project. The colors of the yarn are heather gray, white, and black. The pattern calls for cream colored yarn for the tummy, but I opted to use white instead.

Initially, I wanted to crochet a larger Totoro than the 9″ Totoro in the pattern so I opted for a larger crochet hook. A G hook was used for all parts except the ears. I found this did not really create a larger Totoro the way I had pictured it in my mind. I’m not sure if the size is because of my tendency towards very tight stitches or if I needed to modify the pattern a bit.

At first, a G hook was used to create Totoro’s ears. I was not happy with the ears due to it forming a simple triangle shape rather than the iconic arrow shaped ears. An F hook still seemed to give me a simple triangular shaped ear so I added a few smaller rounds after round 15 on the pattern. Due to the addition of rounds in attempting a more arrow shape, the ears are on the longer side. Next time I think it would be best to alter the pattern rather than simply add rounds.

If I do this pattern again, I will try creating it with an E hook. Then comparisons can be made with the ears and size. The ears gave me the most difficulty! If anyone can confirm or deny this, I’d like to hear about your experience.

The tummy was more concave than I expected. After sewing it on, there was some slack in the center. I did not think it would matter after it was sewed on, but it appeared a little frumpy. In the future, I might sew on felt fabric or alter how I crocheted the piece.

Overall, this pattern produced a very cute Totoro! I will definitely be using this as a go to Totoro pattern for more future creations.

Totoro Crochet from the side