Forget about it being the beginning of another dreary work week. It’s also the beginning of a new week of all the geek we love and love to talk about!

Below is Geeky Talk’s Weekly Hype. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!


World of Warcraft is dropping some story telling in a new format according to Polygon. An audio drama entitled Tomb of Sargeras on iTunes releases on August 1st (today). Blizzard has been successful releasing bits of lore in comics and video. I look forward to checking out WoW lore now in an audio drama format as Legion draws near.


Heroes logo on white

Heroes of the Storm’s North American Fall Regional begins Friday, August 5th, in Burbank, California. I have not had the time to dedicate to Heroes in several weeks, but these professional games are always fun and exciting to watch. Check it out! I will be cheering for Team Naventic! Who will you be cheering on?



Netflix releases The Little Prince on Friday, August 5th. This is a classic story told through the magic of 3D stop-motion and computer animation. Watch for a review on Geeky Talk next week.

Also, a few months back Netflix pulled most of the old Star Trek movies. I know how sad that might have made all the Netflix watching Trekkies out there. Well, maybe you can dry some of those tears with the release of Star Trek: Nemesis today! Star Trek: Nemesis releases on Netflix August 1st.



Battlestar Galactica #1 releases through Dynamite Entertainment as a new series! HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Battlestar Galactica goes on sale Wednesday, August 3rd. Time to have some fun among the stars!

Dark Horse’s Bounty #2 also goes on sale Wednesday. I am looking forward to reading about two sisters making a living as bounty hunters.



Supergirl will be on the CW starting August 1st (today) running season 1 before season 2 releases in October. Do not miss the girl of steel!


That is this week’s Geeky Talk Hype! What are you hyped about this week? Please comment and tell us!