Sausage crossing water with his trusty steed!


For a couple of dollars, I bought Battleblock Theater by The Behemoth during the Steam Summer Sale. It is a very well spent few dollars! I am smitten as a kitten with Battleblock Theater as a platformer.

The player is a cute little blockhead. The story begins with you and your friend, Hatty Hattington, getting shipwrecked on an island controlled by “hideously adorable abominations”. The adorable abominations are cats who run their prisoners through dangerous mazes in a theater where they watch. Hatty turns against you as the cats crown him with a top hat.

Why would Hatty do such a thing? Well, you need to play the game to find out silly! The story is completely worth the time played because of the wonderfully hilarious writing. There is laughter galore and not just at your expense, ok well maybe mostly at your expense. The narrator is there every step of the way to make sure your mistakes are laughed at, ridiculed, and pointed out. I love this narrator!

The music perfectly matches the theme with cats, humor, and fun. The theater will also clap for you as you find new ways to grab the gems to open the exit for the scene. You need at least three gems to open an exit, but you are going to need more and a ball of yarn if you want to earn the best grade for the scene.

The levels move through scenes, acts, and chapters. It’s a theater after all! The levels at times have some clever puzzles and are filled with interactive blocks. Some of the blocks can move and be placed on buttons to turn on other blocks, some blocks can bounce you off their surface high in the air, while other blocks appear to be living beings. My favorite interactive blocks are these fuzzy blocks that will change direction when an object blocks their path. The fuzzy block is named Ferdinand.

Be sure to avoid water, spikes, saws, electrical streams, and oh yeah the giant furry raccoon with antlers who will eat you! You need the correct tools for dangerous obstacles such as a horse, boat, or a duck who will poop you high into the air. The Behemoth did a wonderful job creating the mechanics of these fun and challenging levels.

Look at the bones! My head flew that way!


As you progress through the levels you will earn gems and balls of yarn to free other prisoners and earn more weapons from the gift shop. My favorite prisoners are the blockhead with the octopus on his face (Octopeyes), the bomb head (Boom!), and Sausage. It is so viscerally pleasing when your little guy’s body splatters into chunks and their sausage or bomb head goes flying in the air.

There is also a co-op mode and a level creator which provides replayability. You have the option to go back for a better score in a more difficult mode too. Don’t worry, I’m sure the adorable kitties won’t mock your mediocrity too much.

Battleblock Theater is an amusing and enjoyable experience. This game has piqued my interest in other Behemoth games. I give The Behemoth’s game two hearty thumbs up. Play Battleblock Theater meow, see!