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Soff, Dwarf mage, level 20

With the World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, just around the corner, players are looking forward to new content in this well-loved game. I am certainly one of them and have decided to take this opportunity to reroll a new faction and class. I found my troll shadow priest on Earthen Ring becoming a bit dull, so I rolled a character on a server I already had some lowbies on. Hello, new dwarf frost mage!

Level 20 was fairly easy and quick to achieve. I’ve had a good time getting to know this new character, get some questing finished, play around with pets, and just enjoy the current world around me. Reaching level 20 is exciting because mounts are just so much more convenient for travel, and so much more stylish.

It’s been years since I’ve played WoW seriously so I am guildless and feel a little lonely. Most of my friends no longer play. This is daunting but exciting at the same time realizing I am a total noob without any friends in the game. This could be an opportunity for me to push past my social anxiety, make friends, and find a guild my mage can call home.

Social anxiety in a game? How does that even happen? I know, right!? Something as simple as grouping with other players makes me nervous. In game, you are completely anonymous so you’d think making friends would be a breeze, but OH NO my brain has magically found a way to make this more difficult. WHY BRAIN WHY MUST YOU DO THAT!! *cry* *pout*

My goal in the next 10-20 levels is to make some friends, find a guild, and run some dungeons. The biggest hurdle is going to be taking the first step and doing just that without procrastinating. Logically once I do it often enough, I will become more comfortable with social interaction within the game. Legion will release August 30th and it would be fun if I had some friends to share the experience with.