sonycontrolLet’s try an experiment. Can you make yourself better through what you love?

Currently, in a bit of a lull in life right now. I have been dealing with health problems, depressed after the recent death of my dad, anxiety, and feeling like a complete failure at life. Due to all this, I have been completely lost in my hobbies like gaming, watching Star Trek, and books. What if I could use my love for geek for coping with what I’m going through instead of only using it to cover my problems up?

That is why I’m starting this site. A place where we can talk and share about all the stuff we love in geek, old and new. Of course, the anxiety is kicking in and saying it has to be done in a certain way or I am going to be even more of a failure so maybe I should give up now, but I’ve decided to ignore the negativity and think of this as a scientific experiment.

Isn’t science great? Thanks to the scientific method, it allows us to ask questions by making observations and doing experiments. Well, that takes the load off my shoulders! Knowing this is only an experiment and the hypothesis does not have to be correct, it can help us make observations of what works and what doesn’t, continue to ask questions, and continue to experiment.

Learning is fun! No need to be anxious about failure! Failure can help us learn!

So please join us as we start to build up to what will be a lot of fun and learn about all the geeky stuff we love and love to talk about, and thank you for reading!  🙂

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